Kahoot! – A Game Based Learning System

A totally free service that allows you to use or create a game to review information, as a formative assessment tool or more! This easy to learn and use tool allows students to enter their answers via their 1-to-1 devices or even their Smart Phones. Many games have already been created and are easily accessed through their database of easily searched topics. However, if you want to create your own game, it is very easy to learn. I was able to jump right in without any tutorials, figuring it out very intuitively as I went. The one thing that is a bit limiting is the 95 character limit on questions/topics. The other thing that is important is that students can read the question/answers on the board, because they are only presented with color/shape options for answering. Beyond that, awesome review tool and students always love a competition. They will be required to enter their name upon entering the game, remind them to keep it PC, and have fun being a game show host! 🙂



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A Smart Board from Any Computer – FAST!

Today I ran across a new website that allows for anyone to quickly create a white board, without signing into the site!

It allows for real-time collaboration for students or teachers. It can provide multiple ways and forms of communication, and FAST!

When you log-in to stoodle, you will be able to get started, immediately. When you have created your interactive white board environment, you will then be able to save it by download, or to save it via a social media type. As soon as you have created your whiteboard, it will immediately have a URL that you can then invite others to in order to create an interactive environment.

This would be a great place for… groups to quickly brain-storm ideas for a project at, a project with other classes to create a space to share, a place for students to post questions, links, videos, to review a topic, and many other things could be done with this collaborative resource!

Go check it out:  http://stoodle.ck12.org/

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Clipular – An awesome screen capture Chrome Extension

Looking for a way to have your students do easy screen captures or for you to capture pieces of pages? Download the Chrome Extension Clipular. It saves all of your clips and allows you to quickly drag and drop them into your documents, presentations, etc.clip

Check it out, there are tons of screen capture programs out there and I find this one to be one of the best to use. I also have found, as I traveled into many classrooms that teachers don’t know how to do a screen capture, nor do students. It is an extension that is worth learning and possibly showing to your students, big time saver!


2-minute YouTube tutorial:  http://youtu.be/BwYDZwRzrzI

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Adding Voice Comments to your Google Docs

Looking to give students feedback by recording your thoughts rather than typing them all into your students’ documents? Check out the voice comments app, Kaizena. Casino means “continuous improvement” in Japan, and is one of the philosophies that this company has taken on improving feedback techniques for education. It really allows you to give your students meaningful feedback and allows them to hear your tone and response. In-turn, they can also respond via comments and record their opinions or justifications on their papers. Also, can give students the option to give each other feedback in an online course or without seeing students face-to-face.

To download the Kaizena app:  https://kaizena.com/docs

To watch a youtube clip on how Kaizena works:  http://youtu.be/pwc-7RNvesg

For a review:  EDShelf Review:  https://edshelf.com/tool/kaizena

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Turn Quotes into Art


Looking for a creative way to display one of your thoughts? Looking to peruse some random quotes and get a good laugh? Check out http://www.recitethis.com/# it allows you to take your thoughts and poster-ize them, fast. You can also view a library of quotes that were already created on recite this. You can upload your masterpiece to a social media platform when completed. You can only purchase it as a poster, but you can right-click and also save it as a picture, keeping the recite copyright logo on it.

Here are a few samples I created:



So much that students can do with this to allow their creative juices to flair. Some ideas I thought of:

-Creative pullout quotes in a research paper or informative paper.

-To advertise a product, slogans and these types of quotes are all the rage right now.

-To enforce classroom rules/PBIS, have students design to kick off a course, hang up around the room

-As a poetry piece

If you are looking for a super quick way to make a quote into a poster, use Recite! 🙂

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Organizing Your Shared Documents with GClass

GClass folders is an organization system script that you can use for the classes that you are having go “paperless” or utilizing google docs often for collaboration and your class work.

I wish I would have learned about this script sooner, because it would have been the perfect Inservice training, before school started, but I didn’t, so if you are starting to get on the Google train with collaboration and sharing and utilizing Google Docs often, I encourage you to take a little time to re-organize your drive in order to use this powerful script.

What does GClass do?

It takes a spreadsheet that you made of your class roster, and creates a folder for your students work, and basically passes out that folder to their drive. Beyond that, it will also create a folder for you to put assignments in that students can “edit” and another folder for assignments that they can only “view”. This will allow you to become much more organized when your students “share” their assignments with you. They will be filtered directly into the folder that GClass creates. It also does the organizing for you. Here is a snapshot of a class that is using the GClass Script:



Here is the link to the site for the script for GClass folders:  http://www.gclassfolders.com/home

A blog post about GClass:  http://hartfordk8technology.blogspot.com/2012/12/g-class-folders-this-will-change-your.html

Here is a video tutorial of installing GClass folders:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=A6dr9lcfKUU

If you would like to sit down with me and learn more about setting up GClass folders for your classes, feel free to contact me!

GClass is an awesome organizer that WILL be worth the time in setting up! 🙂


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A Timely Post on a Chrome App

Looking for a timer to time an activity in your class and present it on the LCD screen or on the SMART  board? It can be used both online and offline, so your Internet connection is not a requirement. You are able to run multiple timers at one time, if needed!

Use Chrome to click here and download the app!

Free Technology for Teachers has a full review here.

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